Purpose of Feed The Children

Feed the Children’s chief mission is to provide hope and valuable resources for children and families that are in great need without the essentials to sustain life. The organization strives to fulfill its vision to ensure that no child or family ever has to go to bed hungry. Feed the Children also maintains its core values when launching both domestic and international efforts which include the following principles: Christianity, integrity, resourcefulness, stewardship, and transparency.

Domestic efforts in the United States focus on delivering necessity items to families in need. FTC Transportation, the organization’s owned for-profit subsidiary, is responsible for picking up donations from corporate warehouses and then delivering the contributions to one of the five existing Feed the Children regional distribution centers. The items are then re-distributed to independent and pre-approved partnering agencies that deliver the supplies to over 50,000 feeding centers, churches and homeless shelters. Feed the Children’s largest food distribution that was completed in one day occurred in December 2009 in the Streets of Harlem in New York City where 10,000 needy families received a refrigerator full of food items before Christmas.

Feed the Children’s international efforts include programs that provide food, medical assistance, emergency relief supplies, and sustainable development in under-served countries. One of the organization’s latest international relief efforts, Abandoned Baby Center (ABC), provides medical treatment and a safe environment for children orphaned or abandoned by poverty and AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya. Malawi is another location where efforts are being made to significantly improve the lives of over 70,000 children affected by HIV/AIDS.

While Feed the Children serves children and families in desperate need, the organization also reaches out to potential donors. Whether launching ads asking for child sponsors to donate pennies a day, or donating vehicles or real estate, the organization exerts a lot of effort toward attracting new donors. The organization spent a massive amount of its cash budget toward advertising media, spending $125 million in 2008, or 54% of its cash budget.


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