Feed The Children

Feed the Children is a Christian based, non-profit international relief organization founded by Larry Jones in 1979. While the organization provides global relief efforts, the headquarters are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The organization delivers essential necessities such as food, clothing, medicine, and other vital items to children and families lacking the critical necessities to sustain life as a result of war, famine, poverty or natural disasters. In 2009 alone, Feed the Children provided in excess of 111 million pounds of food and other items both domestically and around the globe.

Through a successful partnership with the National Association of Educators for Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY), Feed the Children has provided over 500,000 backpacks containing school supplies and food and personal hygiene items to underprivileged children enrolled in schools throughout the United States. Feed the Children also provides over 300,000 meals to students in Africa on a daily basis through an established feeding program to ensure the provision of well-balanced meals. In addition to domestic and efforts in Africa, the organization provides relief in many other countries including backward regions located in Eastern Europe, and Central and South America.

Although Feed the Children is ranked among one of the top international charities that depends on private and non- government support, the American Institute of Philanthropy rates the non-profit organization poorly with a failing grade based on its inadequate fiscal efficiency. The donor watchdog agency revealed the non-profit organization spends less than 25% of its cash budget on actual charitable programs. Feed the Children, however, argues that the discrepancy is based on the fact that the watchdog agency excludes in-kind gifts. While the debate continues regarding classification of in-kind goods, the watchdog agency warns that by combining overvalued items with the non-profit’s monetary spending habits, donors could potentially be misled.


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